E-Book | Your Heart is calling (2018)

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E-Book | Your Heart is calling (2018)

Rowena Frenzel
10 ratings

This book was written in 2018

This book is all about art and how to deal with it in our daily life.

As an artist by myself, i know all the struggles about having a hard time finding a job, talking with clients, creating a social media presence, dealing with self-doubt and depression or what is the best way to practice, how often, and what if nothing really works? Do we need to take art seriously for business or is it just easy to draw a few things and make a million out of it, as many non-artists believe?

During my journey, i experienced a bunch of necessary things to know, failed, and succeeded, and because of that, i want to share with you some of the stuff i learned so that you can have a more leisurely start in the business.

Talking about Jobs, Money, Practice routines and workflow, Materials, Inspiration, Depression, and many more.

I'm not a professional author or writer and don't plan to be one, but i love to tell stories, share my knowledge, and help others to fulfill their dreams. Writing a book is the best way to do that, so here we are!

I hope you will find some help and value in it, even when it is not perfect.

But like i always say: "Don't wait for the perfect time to do things, because that will never come."


1 ZIP file:

• 1x E-Book

• 23 Chapters, over 300 pages

• A resource list at the end of the book

4 different files:

• .pdf = Normal PDF file

• .azw3 = Newer Kindle format

• .mobi = Older Kindle format

• .epub = Tolino format

+ Bonus Material:

- Business help excel chart, Template (.xlsx, .ods)

- Morning Journal, Template


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